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Silo Construction SA

Silo Construction SA offers a comprehensive building solution. Our civil engineering and general
building projects include (but are not limited to) houses, schools, hospitals and municipal centres. As
one of the leading civil engineering companies in South Africa, we have the expertise to assist with
project and construction management for various departments and sectors. Silo Construction SA is
also a highly sought after specialist in energy efficiency saving solutions in relation with construction
and building projects. Due to our years of industry experience as well as our comprehensive skill set,
Silo Construction SA is proud to have worked with a variety of clients. Our client base is highly diverse
and ranges from individuals (rural and urban) to small business owners, Government institutions and
large conglomerates. Our portfolio, our expertise and our vast knowledge sets us apart as an ever
flourishing leader in the civil construction project management and general construction industry.
For the most professional and reliable construction management and general & civil engineering
consultants in South Africa, look no further than Silo Construction SA. We continue to expand our
specialized construction management solutions by providing the most streamlined service with an
exceptional end-result.



Silo Construction SA is a subsidiary entity of Silo Group Holdings, Established in 2005 as a Black-owned and managed project management and consultancy organization, the company has over 13 years earned recognition as a significant player in the South African in building and construction industry landscape. Offering expert solutions to infrastructure development, project and construction management services, clients and other developers. Our impressive record in the physical infrastructure development has been built on the bedrock Of diversifying our professional services over the many years of our existence, which includes:
Feasibility studies, development of funding models. Development planning design, infrastructure rehabilitation, construction and implementation. Plant hire.
Administration and community facilitation. Training and project liaison. 

Our organization processes and skills set covering comprehensive aspects of construction. Project Management coupled with understanding of Government policies. Procedures and systems that needs to be adhered to giving us an edge over our peers, because while our collaboration of skills and experience are continental expansive, but we remain locally responsive having learned the local knowledge and procedures.

Silo Construction SA


Design’ construction and project management associations are essential partners to the transformation of South Africa’s built environment. These partnerships support the sustainability of the infrastructure development industry. Silo Construction SA is registered with _the following professional bodies:

CIDB 224 275 Contractor Grade 7GB-7CE:
We pride ourselves in inn ovation, transformation and competitive delivery of; quality infrastructure to promote the economic growth,

NHBRC 1-838 55891:
Silo Construction SA believes in serving the best interests of housing consumers and upholding the standards of the home building industry,

Silo Construction SA maintains a fair and equitable industrial relations and conditions of the
employment for our industry.

Silo Construction SA operates mainly in the South Africa, with the intention to spread to other parts of South Africa and penetrate the broader African Continent. While our aim is to thrive on the broader African Markets, we however remain locally responsive, because we realize that whilst globalization is a power force. The built environment remains local in character, therefore this approach help us remain relevant and receptive to our clients who are mainly South African municipalities, departments, institutions and other developers.

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It is Silo Construction SA’s mission to continuously achieve and constantly maintain the highest level of safety, environmental (energy savings) and health control.


We strive to provide an innovative work environment by providing advanced training and education programs to our employees as well as our sub-contractors.

Our Approach

In all our assignments we are committed to work on the basis of a tested, dynamic and structured team and streamlined service


Silo Construction SA’s quality assurance procedures are comprehensive and fully enforced. All sites strictly adhere with Construction’s Quality Control.

Our Managing


Sifiso Mbuyazi

Chief Executive Officer

Eshiweth Kurehwa

Chief Operations Manager (Acting)

Senmzeni Chikuni

Chief Financial Officer

“Silo Constructions Safety programs are a non-negotiable minimum Standard for all operational businesses and is driven at all levels throughout the company”